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Got Babysitters? August 22, 2008

When’s the last time you got out of the house for a date night, or – even better – ALONE?  Been a while? Can’t even remember?  I’m with you sister, and the number one reason that we don’t get out is that we just can’t find a sitter. But not just any sitter, I want someone I can trust to engage my kids and not just plop on the couch in front of my tv on the phone! I want someone who will get down to their level, play their games, act silly, and enjoy herself. And it wouldn’t hurt if she was CPR certified and came with awesome references. Now where do I find someone like that?

MommyMixer is here to help! MommyMixer connects busy families (like yours!) in need of part-time babysitting with high-quality college students. At each hour-long Mixer, moms personally interview a number of candidates and leave with an A+ list of potential babysitters. Many candidates are not only used for babysitting, but also act as family-assistants: running errands, helping with organization, planning and producing birthday parties, etc. MommyMixer’s recent Orange County events have been such a hit that they have sold out, word is spreading and moms all across OC are getting hooked up with the sitter of their dreams! 

Here are the details for the next mixer, and don’t forget to visit our the MommyMixer website for more info and to register! No Rest For Bridget in Costa Mesa is hosting the event on Sunday September 7th at 1pm.  As a great added bonus, No Rest For Bridget is offering all attendees at 15% shopping discount, so check out what’s new while you have a chance to shop sans kiddos.  We have dozens of sitters from UCI, Chapman U, CSULB, and CSUF scheduled to attend, so no matter where in OC you are, you are sure to find a few great sitters near you. Hope to see you there!

Check out this youtube video to see what all the fuss is about! 

contact for more information


Free Coffee! July 30, 2008

Since my first daughter was born, I have collected and entered the codes on the little stickers inside the Pameprs packages. I always kinda thought I was doing it in vain, as the prizes were pretty lame and I figured it would all expire before I got around to doing anything with it. This month, I logged in to my Gifts To Grow account to enter codes, and to my surprise and utter elation the Starbucks logo popped up! A free gift I can really get excited about – free coffee! I pounced on that one, and quickly redeemed 3 years worth of diaper codes for $30 in free coffee from Starbucks!! Woo Hoo! Now, that’s a quick way to make up for all of those trips to the store to buy diapers diapers and more diapers! I can’t wait for my gift card to get here, I think I am going to enjoy that cup more than any other I have ever had.


Give-aways anyone? July 29, 2008

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So, I see all kinds of awesome contests and give-aways on everyone else’s blog and I am jealous! Anyone out there want to donate some prizes for me to raffle? Maybe a fellow Etsian just getting started, or a start-up company looking to send out samples in exchange for reviews? I got over 1000 hits last month, my blog is well read!!


MommyMixer’s SoFab Orange County Sitters Team Up For CHOC Walk!

On October 19th, 2008, dozens of top-notch college students in Orange County will team up in support of Children’s Hospital Orange County. MommyMixer’s SoFab Sitters, clad in white MommyMixer t’s, have a fundraising goal of $5000 and hope to beat it by leaps and bounds! If you are a college student in OC and would like to join in, click the link below!

MommyMixer participates in community service and outreach programs to help better the lives of children and moms in our community. We have chosen to support CHOC in appreciation of the awesome care and attention my daugher received at CHOC in July 2005 for her first open heart surgery, and the continuing care she receives and will receive throughout her childhood. For more information about MommyMixer, please visit us online at


CHOC Walk 2008 Team Registration now open! July 28, 2008

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Registration is now open for CHOC Walk 2008! Take a few hours out of your Sunday morning to support this great cause and impact the lives of the precious children treated at this amazing hospital every day!

Not a morning person? Still want to help? Why not make a donation to Team Abbie?

This October our family will again be walking in CHOC Walk at the Disneyland Resort. We support CHOC in appreciation of the awesome care and attention our daughter received at CHOC in July 2005 for her first open heart surgery, and the continuing care she receives and will receive throughout her childhood. Please join us in supporting this wonderful hospital that touches the precious lives of so many children in Orange County! Every little bit helps!

Thanks for your support!


Today’s New Etsy Post – Burpees! July 26, 2008

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Ok, I can’t help myself. Once it occured to me that the things I make by hand just for gifts and for myself, are the same things other people are selling for money on Etsy, I went crazy. I am so proud of my photography skills, I think I made something an mundane as towels and flannel burp cloths look intersting! Here is my latest addition – a set of 3 adorable flannel burp cloths. These aren’t skimpy little just-for-looks type things either, these are 17″x13″ triple thick mid panel, super absorbent, USEFUL flannel burpees. I make the same ones for my kids, and they WORK! They are very similar in size, design, and material to the nice big Gerber ones sold at BRU (which I also use and love, almost as much as my handmade ones!) My kids love these so much and they are so soft, that that use them as lovies at naptime and in the car, they really soft. I was making these for a friend who is expecting anyways, so I bought a little extra fabric, took some glamour shots, and here they are…

I think they are cute anyways. There is a monkey print, a little car print, and a puppy dog words print. And super easy to make, I whipped these out in about 30 minutes with a baby on my lap/shoulder/nearby bouncy chair.


A great sale at Macy’s & towels for dessert! July 25, 2008

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So I hit Macy’s yesterday in search of towels for a wedding gift, and I went CRAZY! They are in the midst of a huge home sale, and I had a coupon – I litterally got the wedding gifts (those really expensive “Hotel” brand towels) at 50% off… and then I bought a few things for my house… which turned in to redo’ing my entire bathroom and bedding. 🙂 Oops.

Today I busted out the towels I bought and assembled my famous (at least among my friends) Towel Cake. I am so proud of this one, I listed it on Etsy. Here it is…

There are more photos of it In My Etsy Shop. I am so thrilled with how this one came out, I am a big fan of clean and simple and I think this one is just perfect, if I do say so myself!